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bounce It

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want the secret to a skin like base? introducing, bounce it, a dual ended latex-free blending sponge that helps you achieve a “selfie-ready” base each and every time!! this multi-sided, multi-purpose makeup sponge takes your base routine up a notch by delivering effortless blendability and precision application. 

we kept each step of your your complexion routine in mind while designing this multi-sided sponge. use the rounded side to apply liquid and cream products by bouncing the sponge against your face to create a flawless skin-like base. we even threw in an angled tip for precise application (aka we want you to get into all those corners). of course you cant forget to set it, so use the flat side to apply your favorite powder products.



(Can be used both damp and dry)
Wet sponge and squeeze out excess water.
Dip damp sponge into powder or liquid.
Dab sponge along the skin in a bouncing motion for a natural application.

Repeat steps 2-3 as needed for desired coverage.